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Why invest in ceramic coating protection?

Don’t make an expensive mistake.
Get an expert detailer to apply your ceramic coating.

Protect your Car’s shine and make sure it doesn’t fade away after you buying it brand new or repainting. Paint protection and protective coatings for the interior surfaces save you money, and make maintenance unbelievably quick and easy. There is no better protection for your car’s surfaces including the exterior paint, rims, interior fabric and plastics.

You'll get an unmatched level of protection in the industry with Gtechniq ceramic coating

Gtechnic ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with your car’s paint. It must be applied by hand by a certified professional, otherwise improper application could cause permanent damage. Errors in application might only be repairable by sanding out the affected area down past the clear coat and even paint.

While ceramic coating does provide essential protection to your car’s paint, it won’t necessarily protect it from rock chips, scratches, and swirl marks from poor washing techniques and equipment.

We’ve done extensive testing to compare the top solutions in automotive care and Gtechniq always comes out on top.  We have a lot of experience with Ceramic Pro and Opti Coat Pro and been let down by the results which is a big reason why we’ve chosen Gtechniq to provide. Ceramic coating creates a chemical bond that won’t fade, peel, or chip off like wax or other applications.  Protection products like wax quickly wear off and require constant re-application to provide minimal protection for your car compared with ceramic coating.


Long-lasting Guarantee

Get the bar-none best paint protection available, backed by an industry-leading 9 year guarantee.

Industry-best training and accreditation

Get it done right on-time, the first time.  The Crystal Serum chemical is so strong that only trained and accredited detailers can apply it and is required for full warranty coverage.

Fully trained and certified applicators of Gtechniq ceramic coating San Diego.

Brilliant Shine That Keeps You Smiling

Accomplish previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability, scratch and chemical resistance.

The level of shine and gloss that ceramic coating provides (when applied at our expert level of craftsmanship), will completely blow you and your friends away.  Imagine walking to your car and just smiling at the site of it, day after day after day, without much washing and maintenance needed compared to before you went with ceramic coating for your car…

Looks Show Ready After Every Wash

Make your vehicles incredibly easy to maintain with Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum.  It effectively repels water and contaminants so the paint stays glossy and pure.

As you drive day in and out, your paint accumulates contaminants and particles that cause damage and loss of luster.  A great benefit of protecting your car with ceramic coating is that it’s not an exaggeration to say that it looks show ready after a basic wash.

Crystal Serum is resistant to nearly the full chemical pH scale

Shield your vehicle from contaminants ranging pH2 to pH13. Things like bird droppings are easy to remove and won’t harm your car’s clear coat.

Another big threat to your car’s healthy shine is rust. Oxidation happens when water sits and has time to react with your car’s surfaces. Ceramic coating makes water roll off immediately due to the hydrophobic properties.

Unbeatable Weather Protection

Be unaffected by extreme heat fluctuations all the way from -40 up to +250 degrees Celsius.  Get exceptional UV protection to prevent premature dulling of your finish.

Your wheels and paint near wheels and wheel wells are highly vulnerable to weather conditions due to contaminants and debris that rockets towards the surfaces as your car and cars around you kick up damaging debris.  Dirt and brake dust builds up around your wheels and can cause etching and pitting if not properly protected.


Learn More About Gtechniq

Visit Gtechniq’s site to learn more about why their ceramic coating product are the optimal solution for your car.  Or go ahead and give us a call and get a free evaluation at 858.212.1438. 


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What are the pros and cons of ceramic coatings?

Ceramic coating means you’ll have an amazing shine – without waxing your car EVER AGAIN.

Maintaining your beautiful gloss is a breeze with ceramic coating.  No more spending half a day smelling like carnuba wax – go enjoy time with your family, go golf, get an extra workout in – take the day because we got your back.

Lasts up to 9 years with an industry leading guarantee.

Makes maintenance and servicing hassle-free, and also eliminates much of the cost of regular wash and wax maintenance.

It’s not for everyone. This service required a highly trained technician to apply the chemicals within warranty requirements, which also means it’s not cheap. It can be a significant investment.

It’s a lengthy process. We make sure to leave no stone unturned in our preparation and it takes proper planning and curing time. You won’t be able to decide to get this done on Sunday morning and have your car show ready and shining by lunch (or even dinner in many cases).

We’re fully licensed, insured, and accredited.
AND we back our work with a 100% customer happiness guarantee.

There’s no risk for you.

Aren’t your weekends better spent than waxing up your car in your driveway?

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